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About Me < Ok so it`s been a year and still no pics , well I`ve finally sent them out to be scanned for me , so hold on they will be here soon.

As for the garage I tore those pages down till I, get the pics,

The only page that is somwhat up is the poetry page , and even it`s under constuction ,{I bought a book on web publishing }


these pages are still under construction, not all links set up ect..


Keep coming back as I will eventually figure it out . The Unknown Poets Page is my soap box , as well as where I`ve stashed my poetry.

proceed at your own risk I take no responsibility , for brused ego`s or for imposing my exteremly out ta lunch beliefs on anyone , ya`ll bin warned!!!!


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How the hell else am I to know, whose ride left the oil slick?


Well as of this time I have no pic`s scaned on this page.

Comming soon"hopefully"

I ride Triumphs, If you are a Harley only type tough shit, It`s my page . My 73 Tiger is 9.5 ft long basement built ,Ihave had this bike for 11yrs, The frame was half done when I got my hands on it,all the rest of the parts came from swap meets or friends"traded a yamaha gas tank for the 20 over front end" rattle can paint job ect

My 78 Bonnie I bought almost stock ,But wasn`t long before I took the torch to it, you`ll like this one I`d say. Lowerd seat hight,stretched swing arm,"the tigers rigid frame has kicked the hell out of me"3.5 fat bobs, solo saddle seat,digger style rear fender, flat black primer this summer,hand formed crossovers into shotguns "on the left side" I`ve had this one for just over 2yrs.

As time permits I`ll add links to other bike related pages.

Anyone who`s interested in the Yukon can e mail me to ask ?`s I`ll answer all as best I can.

Like related links,tell em I sent ya!

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The Unknown Poets Corner
This is now my bitching post,if I have a gripe(and I usually do it`s here)also my links to my poetry

Since Dec/22/98 Bikes have left their mark, don`t slip in the oil slick

The Unknown Poet
Dawson City, Yukon Terr

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