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Just to clarify......

This page is more of a sounding board, up till now I have yet to add to this page. But I've changed that thought the anger and pain I've hidden on disc for the last year will now get a voice !Altho I don't know how long each piece will have a life on this page , they will get one be it short or long , be these poems or rants , be they named or not .....Be forwarned after all this is my DARK SIDE!!

These poems contain my anger, fears , depression, not all poetry is roses an spice.


Do you remember a child of eight,
one who smiled freely and had a heart,
full of love and trust?

Can you tell me who ,
this child is within the pictures,
you have laid before me?

I find I need to ask him,
what he is smiling about?

Do you notice the sparkle in his eyes ?
I wonder where he found it ?
For I can never remember having it.

When I look into the mirror,
my eyes are flat , dull
and dead.

Tell me how you have found,
a child like this in our world.
How is it that he has not yet ,
become corrupted by the system,
you claim works.

This cannot be true,what you have said,
That this child once lived within my head.

Tell me more I would like to see,
How you claim this child could ,
have once been me!

My Rants

.           Full Circle                                                   . 
From in a cage ,
   I watched the sun melt the snow,
   as it washed away.

From in a cage  ,
   replaced with spring ,
   day by day.

From in a cage ,
   I watched spring go ,
   as summer took it's place.

From in a cage  ,
   Each season passed me  ,
   for I had to stay.

Now the leaves have turned , 
   and it'll snow any day.