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I said I would and here they are"Your Poems"

    It seems to me that the Web is a place of secrets!
    as all who sent poems wish to remain unknown.

Seeing things in things,
The inanimate' alive,
So long, "Forever"
I thought thee alive
Though too that all saw these things
Shiver now to find it not so
For judgment by others alone
Stands between myselves and "quirky","genus" and...
Broken up, meaning: Insane
Is this rather than Out of Sane?
Nebulous, these concepts,words...Inanimate
Meaning: not moving
The ideal point for physics, the ultimate reference
Unfound,or lost
Yet so much "movong" is named inanimate
Hence this fear that so much genius
be called madness
Impossible self-possessed
-I'm Possible-
Improbable, simply a mater of sapial orientation
A rose is improbable in the Artic
yet impassable in Turkey
Where is this going?
So many screaming
that they have already arrived.
As they pass by.
The only reference I have is me.
Thus perhaps
I am just inanimate?