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Poets Pages

Submitted poems
Poems from others who wish to share.
Livin the life that I live!
Biker poems "need I say more"
Heartbreak Hotel
For the heart that bleeds
The Dark side
My alter-ego's home"all my anger and pain"
Romance central
My softer side"be forewarned"Will cause high blood presure!
The mix!
Everything else of course!
Poets Brit Bikes Pages!
My Cyber-garage & Tattoo Studio { still far from done no pic's just words }

The Ugly Bikers Forum!!!!!!

  Ok no bitchin this time,
I`ve made a few changes hope ya like em .

Poetry links of intrest , Tell them I sent ya !

Passions in poetry
Great gathering place , Tell Ron I said Hi !
White Tigers domain
A lot of pain , but even more strength here!